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ASEAN On Paper

Busan, Korea 21.11.2023 - 18.02.2024

ASEAN On Paper

This exhibition marked the final collaborative project between the ASEAN Culture House under phase one of KONNECT ASEAN. It showcased the artistic works of 14 Korean and ASEAN artists who experimented with various printmaking techniques using paper as their primary medium during a residency. The one-month international residency program held in seven printmaking studios located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, provided a platform for connecting young artists from Korea and Southeast Asia, facilitating vibrant exchanges of ideas and skills.

In one section of the exhibition venue, eight short films created by ASEAN filmmakers with the support of the Busan Film Commission were screened with a focus on the themes of “paper” and “printmaking.” Additionally, a documentary showcasing the process of the Chiang Mai Print Residency was also featured. Through this exhibition, visitors were able to experience the exchange of different traditions and cultures as they converged through the combination of “paper” as a primary medium and the technique of “printmaking,” resulting in new creative endeavours.

ASEAN Culture House
162 Jwadong-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea


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