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In Our Best Interests

Singapore 21.01.21 - 31.03.21

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In Our Best Interests

In Our Best Interests: Afro-Southeast Asian Affinities during a Cold War presents contemporary art works and archival material that nuance Afro-Asian legacies that grew out of the Cold War. Focusing on Southeast Asia as a geopoetic imagination alongside a global post-WWII anti-colonial resistance to racism, the exhibition traces a historical line between early regional imaginations such as Maphilindo to contemporary appropriations of Afro-Asian histories, such as China’s development of cultural infrastructure in Senegal.

In parallel with a series of webinars that map out the histories of Afro-Southeast Asia affinities, In Our Best Interests questions what a global solidarity can mean, thus, bringing into relief the geopolitical stakes of working for ‘our’ best interests in a failed “post-racial” contemporary and in the face of the global pandemic, COVID-19.

ADM Gallery, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media, 81 Nanyang Drive


The exhibition presents nine artists from Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Cambodia.

Fyerool DarmaSingapore
Bani HaykalSingapore
Eisa JocsonThe Philippines
Vuth LynoCambodia
Ming WongSingapore
Yee I-LannMalaysia
Munirah MansoorSingapore
Simon SoonMalaysia

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In Our Best Interests