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Afro-Southeast Asia: Pragmatics and Geopoetics of Art During a Cold War

Afro-Southeast Asia: Pragmatics and Geopoetics of Art during a Cold War is a webinar series that expands the current discourses that shape the history and legacy of Afro-Asian solidarity by prospecting connections and imagined affinities between Africa and Southeast Asia as regional frameworks that emerged out of Cold War decolonisation projects.

By examining cultural and political projects of the period alongside contemporary art practices that have sort to re-examine the micro and metahistorical trajectories from these affinities, Afro-Southeast Asia charts out the intersections of the pragmatism guiding historical solidarities and the geopoetics of their persistent aspirations.

Bringing together artists, theorists and historians, Afro-Southeast Asia is not just a Southeast Asian lens onto imaginations of transregional and global solidarities. The programme prospects new methodologies to study these lesser known histories and navigate their contemporary resonances in how we continue to imagine the world.

Organised in partnership with Grey Projects, the webinar is funded in part by the National Arts Council Singapore and is part of a larger research project on Afro-Southeast Asian histories and contemporary art supported by KONNECT ASEAN.

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