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Res Artis Conference 2021

Res Artis hosted their first fully digital conference hosted by SAC Gallery Bangkok supported by ASEF culture360, KONNECT ASEAN | ASEAN Foundation; Goethe-Institut Thailand; Japan Foundation Bangkok, and Casa Asia. Titled Defining the Next Decade, the conference examined the tremendous impact of COVID-19 and the future of international arts residencies. The conference presented the results of Res Artis survey data and examined new models for arts residencies that evolved in response to the pandemic. This included the rise in local exchanges, virtual residencies, and digital residency activity while physical exchange was paused. Taking place in diverse time zones spread over two weeks in September 2021, the virtual nature of the conference reflected new digital residency activities emerging in the field and offered greater accessibility for attendees and contributors alike. Participants were engaged in workshops and presentations with a particular focus on those based in Southeast Asia and Thailand. The conference included opportunities for small group interactions and artistic offerings, as well as Bangkok gallery and residency tours.