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KONNECT ASEAN Cultural Diplomacy Forum

In 2021 the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC) celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the ASEAN Gallery, established inside the ASEC heritage building. The ASEAN Gallery houses the ASEAN Collection which comprises paintings, sculptures, and other objects that have been gifted to ASEAN over more than 40 years.¬†This collection of diplomatic gifts provides a visual narrative of human civilisation’s efforts to pay tribute to institutions that ensure the integrity of trade routes, political alliances, and social customs; a display of regional solidarity through objects.

To commemorate the anniversary, KONNECT ASEAN convened three webinars on various aspects of Cultural Diplomacy. How has ASEAN affected the development of artistic/creative practice in Southeast Asia? What challenges have the arts/creative professionals faced while navigating diplomatic norms and relations? What is the relevance of cultural diplomacy to contemporary artistic practice?