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Virtual360 KONNECT Emerging Arts Leaders Virtual Residency Series

Asia-Europe Foundation through its arts website culture360.ASEF.org with the support of KONNECT ASEAN, an ASEAN Foundation arts and cultural programme funded by the Republic of Korea, invited proposals for a virtual residency series and online capacity building to support cultural exchange amongst emerging artists and cultural practitioners across all arts disciplines from the ASEAN region and the Republic of Korea. The residency paired two participants (one ASEAN national and one Republic of Korea national) to collaborate online for a period of one month. The outcome was a jointly written article and podcast or video interview published on culture360.ASEF.org.

Art Residencies in the Pandemic Era by Minji Chun (ROK) and Micah Pinto (PH)

Spirit of Rice by Jade Park (ROK) and Theyvapaalan S Jayaratnam (MY)

Field Notes: Reflections on Virtual360 KONNECT by Dian Arumningtyas (ID) and Kim Gahye (ROK)

Co-dreaming, Maintenance, and the Body: A Dialogue by Charmaine Poh (SG) and Yuwol June Chung (ROK)

Artists in Panic! – Chasing a better normal by Sarah Koo (ROK) and Mac Andre Arboleda (PH)

Bounded Women by Soe Yu Nwe (MM) and Nayoung Jeong (ROK)

Together, Wired by Faiq Airudin (BN) and Chloe Lynne Choi (ROK)

Spring[s] for Democracy by Soo Young Leam (ROK) and Kathleen Ditzig (SG)

Artists’ Survival in the Midst of Pandemic by Benedikta Swasti Renaningtyas (ID) and Joshua Eka Pramudya (ID)

Dissecting Boundaries by Mi Seok Huh (ROK) Robby Ocktavian (ID)

Virtual360 Konnect: announcement of selected participants

Virtual360 Konnect Mid-residency: What’s happening so far