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Promoting ASEAN Awareness Through Arts, Traditions and Values

The KONNECT ASEAN programme celebrates Southeast Asian arts using different platforms to explore and discuss social, political, economic, and environmental issues in the region.

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Climate Futures #1: Cultures, Climate Crisis and Disappearing Ecologies

To better understand the decline in cultural and ecological diversity in the region, NTU CCA Singapore and KONNECT ASEAN proposed to look at how the endangerment of traditional cultures and knowledges in the face of ecological challenges affects the region of Southeast Asia. The three-day summit “Climate Futures #1: Cultures, Climate Crisis and Disappearing Ecologies” […]

ASEAN Sculpture Garden Project

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Third Date

Third Date is a multidisciplinary public program about the disenchantments of love, beauty, bodies, gender, and subjectivity. The program asks: Who gets to be their authentic, true self? And, more importantly, how do those for whom this universal promise remains unfulfilled go about creating and manifesting the most real versions of themselves? This program will […]

Res Artis Conference 2021

Res Artis hosted their first fully digital conference hosted by SAC Gallery Bangkok supported by ASEF culture360, KONNECT ASEAN | ASEAN Foundation; Goethe-Institut Thailand; Japan Foundation Bangkok, and Casa Asia. Titled Defining the Next Decade, the conference examined the tremendous impact of COVID-19 and the future of international arts residencies. The conference presented the results […]

August Gathering

In 2001, the late Ambassador Rodolfo C. Severino Jr., the 10th Secretary-General of ASEAN, proposed to dedicate a space to curate gifted artworks at the ASEAN Secretariat as testimony to the enduring friendship and cooperation between ASEAN and its partners from around the world. A wealth of paintings, sculptures and art objects are maintained and […]

KONNECT ASEAN Cultural Diplomacy Forum

In 2021 the ASEAN Secretariat (ASEC) celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the ASEAN Gallery, established inside the ASEC heritage building. The ASEAN Gallery houses the ASEAN Collection which comprises paintings, sculptures, and other objects that have been gifted to ASEAN over more than 40 years. This collection of diplomatic gifts provides a visual narrative of human […]